Catering Menu Sampler
(Full menu available upon request)

Small Plates/Tapas

French Onion Tartlet

Sweet Onion Goat Cheese Tartlet

Tuna Tartare w/Sesame, Soy and Lime

Duck Confit Tostadito w/Pickled Onions & Cherry Salsa

Spicy Salmon Tostadito w/Caramelized Cucumber Kimchi

Shrimp and  Grits   Chorizo    Cherry Tomatoes

Sauteed Shrimp with Spicy Butternut Crema

Gazpacho Shooter w/Shrimp Garnish

Butternut Squash Shooter w/Chile Crouton

Cucumber Shooter w/Crab Crouton

Maque Choux Soup Shooter w/Pickled Okra

Italian Sausage Filled Roasted Mushrooms w/Spicy Marinara Garnish

Mushrooms Filled with Fresh Tomato, Bacon, and Feta Cheese       Please note: A vegetarian version is available.

A love of catering Small Events and Tapas Parties, Savor Chef Service offers the in-home experience with creative menus for your party experience.