Savor Chef's In Home Cooking Lessons are a great way to learn how to cook.  You don't go to a class....the class comes to you!  A personal lesson right in your own kitchen.  Great for couples or singles.  

Or host a cooking party!  Invite friends and family to a class. There are group rates available.  You pick the menu, choose a theme, or ask for some suggestions.  All of your guests can participate in prepping and cooking, or they can observe.  At the end of the lesson you and your guests will enjoy the results of your efforts!  

​A Menu of Options

Basic Skills
Using and Caring for Your Knives
Soups and Sauces
Roasting, Braising, Grilling

Just a few of the cuisines available....
 Spanish including Tapas

Ways of Eating
 AIP- Autoimmune Protocol
 Gluten Free
 Atkins Diet - Low Carbohydrate
 ​Vegetarian & Vegan
 Grain Brain Diet

Have a specific way of eating that's not included?  Just let me know!

  **Gift certificates are available for cooking lessons and a wonderful gift for any occasion! 

"I was so excited to find a cooking instructor that does house calls. What a fun way to learn how to cook. I learned tips and tricks of handling a knife and now enjoy the prep work of cooking. I was taught how to cut up a chicken and how to make simple and tasty recipes to get me through a busy work week. I look forward to see what is on the menu for our upcoming Italian cooking lesson. Pasta from scratch perhaps. Can't wait!"
  Valerie D.

Refining Your Cooking Skills